Weekend discount for .com and .net domain name

Three well-known domain providers, including MyDomain, Doster and Netfirms, continues offering the coupon for registering .com and .net domain names with only $1.59.

In this program, MyDomain, Doster and Netfirms simultaneously sale off (except for Domain.com). They are subsidiaries of EIG group, so the interface for registering and managing is similar.

The .com and .net domain names is sold at $1.99 per year at these three providers. And it is only for one year with unlimited number.

The 30% off coupon of the last discount is expired. Now when buy products at MyDomain and Doster, you should use the SALE20 coupon to get the 20% off. This means you only have to pay $1.59 per year for a domain name. With Netfirms, the GEW16 coupon offers 18% off (expired at 13:59 on 19 November), the cost of the domain name is only $1.63 per year. Or with 15ONLINE coupon, the cost will be decreased by 15% to $1.69. Of course, MyDomain and Doster is highly recommended.

This program is not for TRANSFER!

You can register st one of these three providers, access the following links to register:

  1. http://mydomain.com
  2. http://dotster.com
  3. http://netfirms.com

Payment via PayPal or Visa/Master card. PayPal should be recommended to avoid verifying the account info.

Here is the pricing table for .com and .net:

  MyDomain Netfirms Dotster
.COM 11.99$ 12.49$ 17.49$
.NET 11.99$ 12.49$ 17.49$

It is clear that the cheapest provider should be priority to save the cost for your site.

If you have any trouble of rejecting payment, connect with the providers via Livechat to get the help. The old accounts will be registered easily and quicker


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